All Terrain Gaiter

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A lightweight water-resistant gaiter that stops debris from entering the shoe when running off-road. Clips onto the attachment points found on the ARCTICCLAW 300, ARCTICTALON 275, X-TALON 212, TRAILTALON 275, TRAILTALON 250, ROCLITE 305, ROCLITE 305 GTX.  
  • Unrestricted running movement delivered through gaiter's stretchy Fabric
  • Unique on-the-shoe attachment clips ensure the most secure of all fits
  • Just three attachment points – all on the running shoe – make it quick and easy to put on/remove
  • Comes with strengthened rubber O-ring, which can be fitted to both sides of the gaiter and strapped under the sole of any running shoe
Product Weight 15g / 0.53oz
Material Polyester, Polyamide